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We offer a comprehensive range of high quality gifts including locally-produced handmade gifts and promotional wear. To view our full range of gift and clothing ideas, have a look through our catalogue.

The Highest Quality`

High-Resolution, Durable Printing Guaranteed

When you’re creating your source image, make sure it has a suitable resolution. A general rule: the higher the resolution, the better the image. You can always scale down in size, but never scale up; at least not without losing quality. Make sure your image has the highest resolution and image dimensions you can get.

Printing Projects

Submit your Design/Layout

Once we receive your design we’ll do a mock-up of the product, which we then share with you for final approval.  We can also assist with new design concepts.

Choose your Garment or Product

Whether it be a clothing item, mug or promotional product – you choose, we print!  We will first send you a mock-up for sign off and official order.

Get it Delivered to Your Doorstep

We will keep you updated on the process and, once completed, will make delivery as easy as possible.

Submit your design

Represent Your Brand The Way it Deserves to Be.

Getting custom printed items has never been easier.

Browse through our full range of gift and clothing ideas.

T-Shirt printing

We supply cost effective clothing, or you can provide us with your own brand.

Bag printing

We have a range of items available, or you can submit your own and we’ll check branding capabilities.

Promotional Items

We have a wide range of great gifts, ready to be branded.